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The 10X Crypto Traders Community is a place where crypto explorers and enthusiasts will find education, support, and resources to help you along your crypto journey.

We believe that cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology that underlies it will transform our world and lives forever.  As a community, we leverage our collective experiences and insights.  We grow, learn and earn, together.

At 10X Crypto Traders, we are proud to provide training and support for projects we believe will help you win in the crypto markets.

Matt Bot Ai

Invest in cryptocurrency and NEVER close on a losing trade!  We love Matt Bot Ai.  This simple to use crypto trading system has helped hundreds of thousands of users safely, confidently, and most of all, profitably trade cryptocurrency.  Whether a beginner or expert, or somewhere in between, Matt Bot Ai is a tool we love!

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Pangu DeFi Project

The Pangu Community DeFi Project is a fully decentralized community led DeFi project with a mission to educate its community how to safely engage and build generational wealth in the DeFi space.  

Currently a community of 200,000+ members with a successful track record driving the price if its 1st DeFi token from $50 to and all-time-high of over $8000. Today, with a stronger, more organized and united community, we are building towards 1 Million members worldwide.

As shareholders of this project members are earning multiple streams of passive crypto income and becoming more empowered through education to be in front of emerging opportunities.

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